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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Top EAM Software

May 22, 2024

What do all the top EAMs have in common? The short answer: they make asset management easy!

The long answer is a bit more complicated.

When choosing an enterprise asset management software, it’s important to factor in certain considerations when shopping around. You may find that you’re overwhelmed with the data and information available, while simultaneously dealing with a system that’s incredibly complex and difficult to manage. You may also be juggling different processes that result in disjointed communication. Altogether, this perfect storm of pain points can make it difficult to scale with your software as the company grows. 

Choosing the right EAM software (when integrated with the right CMMS) can alleviate many of these challenges. But how do you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind and why it’s important to carefully weigh your options first.  

The Importance of EAM Software for Facilities 

Enterprise asset management software plays an important role in helping facilities track, manage, assess, and optimize their assets. EAMs can help businesses stay on top of asset maintenance management, maximize asset output, and tackle major issues before they even arise. According to IBM, key features of a top EAM should always include the following:

  • Centralized work management
  • Phases of maintenance
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • Health & safety documentation and risk reduction 
  • Mobility
  • Cloud-based deployment or hybrid cloud deployment 

These features are pretty important—but they are not the only things you need to consider when choosing an EAM software. Here’s what you should know. 

5 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Evaluating Top EAM Software

1. Think about your users. 

Leadership might be making the decision on what EAM your facility uses, but what about the people who will actually be using it on a daily basis? Consider who will be using the software and talk to them about it. Does the software meet their needs and expectations? Is it easy to use? Will it help them do their jobs more effectively? 

Decision-makers are often focused on cost and implementation time, rather than the efficiency of use. Yet, gathering this information upfront can actually save you money in the long run by ensuring your investment is a practical one. 

2. Ask yourself, “What problem is our company trying to solve with an EAM?”

When choosing an EAM software, consider the needs of your business and the pain points you’re looking to address. Asset-intensive organizations may have a robust list of requirements that include everything from reporting and interfacing to security and beyond on a large scale, so paying close attention to the features and capabilities that are available is key.

3. Choose an EAM that easily integrates with your CMMS. 

While the lines are often blurred between an EAM software and a CMMS, the two actually go hand-in-hand. By integrating a CMMS with an EAM, you’ll get a high-level view of all maintenance management activities. It also informs facility managers where assets are located, who should work on them, and what’s required. 

In the market for a CMMS, too? FlowPath has you covered. Our software makes managing all types of facility work a breeze by automating work orders, maintenance, events, notifications, projects, and reporting in one easy-to-use platform.

4. Take stock of available training and resources. 

Does your EAM of choice have easily accessible training, resources, guides, and/or customer service? When onboarding a new EAM, there are bound to be challenges—or at the very least, a few questions. Whether that means having on-site training at your facility, online manuals or courses, or an easy-to-reach customer support team, having an accessible support system in place can make all the difference.

Take FlowPath, for example. As a CMMS, our team understands the intrinsic value of exceptional customer service. We offer live chat support whenever our facility managers need it. We also schedule weekly onboarding meetings, provide a dedicated support team, and have a library of over 50 video tutorials at our clients’ disposal. Your EAM should do the same.

5. Finally, choose an EAM that can grow with your business. 

Most business owners are looking to grow their business, so why choose an EAM that limits your growth? Software is an investment that should scale with your operations, so if you’re looking to expand, select an EAM that can scale with you. Ask vendors, “What are the expansion capabilities of this software?” and “How easy is it to make changes and add new integrations over time?” The answers you get will help you determine whether or not a particular software can meet the needs of your business during every stage of growth.

Choosing the Right EAM Software

Ultimately, choosing the right EAM software can help remove many of the complexities around asset management for FMs. By asking yourself the right questions and considering the right features, you can make a decision among top EAM software—and feel confident about that choice. 

And if your business is not quite ready for EAM software, a CMMS like FlowPath is the perfect solution. Our software is unlike any other facility management software out there because it does more than any others out there. From managing maintenance activities to project planning, team communication, and beyond, FlowPath is the ultimate tool for facility managers looking to work more efficiently. 

But don’t just take our word for it—schedule a free demo and see what FlowPath can do for your facility today.
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