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Simplified Project Management with FlowPath

May 30, 2024

Running a business, let alone a facility operation, is extremely challenging. Tools needed for the job often come up short of desired capability, lifespan, or functionality, leaving many business owners and managers to use a variety of systems to keep operations humming. For facilities specifically, there are numerous software tools to help with staffing, POS, food ordering, menu optimization, waste reduction, etc. However, after talking with dozens of facility owners and managers, FlowPath has realized that owners with 1-10 facilities do not have a simple, integrated software solution for maintaining what is typically the most expensive and critical part of their business - the physical equipment and space. 

Spreadsheets, business cards, paper invoices, memories, Google and sticky notes are some of the ways FlowPath has seen facility owners manage the routine and emergency maintenance of their equipment. Lost in these are historical records of service, contacts of vendors/providers, warranty information, consolidated distribution of information to management teams, and a single source of truth for the facility manager to reference for all the unsexy parts of running their operation. We have found these disparate processes cost the manager hours of lost time each week, equipment not serviced to regulatory and safety requirements, and require the manager to be on-call 24/7 to help reference information for their team at any time. We have created FlowPath to solve these very problems. 

The FlowPath platform allows facility owners and managers the freedom to manage their operation(s) smarter through:

  1. Compliance and Project Scheduling: Have a total picture of past and upcoming appointments, compliance reminders, or custom events, per location. With daily and weekly reminders to users at your location(s), your entire team will be on the same page, every day.
  2. Project Information: Have your project information in one central, easily accessible platform. Create easy to manage lists for different locations and work history perproject.
  3. Financials: Parse through all historical work orders from team members and easily view trends per vendor, category, dates, and costs. Keep track of work transactions per team member and vendor notes on the job that was completed.
  4. Contacts: One place to have all tenant and vendor contact information including name, location, email, and notes.
  5. Equipment: Often the most expensive piece of the operation, but most neglected. Keep warranty information, pictures, serial numbers, and work history accessible and up to date.

Sign up now for a free 4-week trial or reach out to us at contact@getflowpath.com for a quick demo and to talk to someone on our team to see how the FlowPath platform can work for your facility.

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