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Work Order Life Cycle Phase 6: Own Your Data

December 13, 2023
  • Flexibility to download reports
  • Share with management to justify the need for additional cost or labor

When operating and managing a business, especially within small teams, it’s simple to think that developing reports doesn’t need to be high on the priority list. The reality is, taking the time to invest in consistent business reporting can save the company time and money down the line. Having such a high level of organization provides the team with solid data to quickly refer to when needed. Data and reports in general present a “snapshot” of how the business is performing overtime. Having such vital information at the palm of your hand will assist in identifying what progress the company has been making over a certain timeframe.

FlowPath allows each account holder to not only view real-time graphical data, but also provides the flexibility to instantly download reports. This information can be configured in a way to better track KPI’s and justify valuable decisions to stakeholders. Data within the platform can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t have a FlowPath account. Reports can be customized to the preferred date range and filtered by report type and name. Reports can also be scheduled in advance to provide a simple way to allow for more consistency when it comes to data analysis within the company. 

FlowPath provides its users with seamless and customizable reporting tools to support data analysis and foster consistent stakeholder communication. Click here to read about the complete Work Order Life Cycle or reach out to info@getflowpath.com and set up a demo.

About FlowPath Facility Management Platform

The FlowPath platform allows small-team facility, operations and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them. FlowPath is the answer to complicated, enterprise-level CMMS and FMS technologies that simply do not scale down to the needs of a majority of the workforce that operates not behind a desk.

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