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Vendor Management: Work Order Life Cycle Phase 4

December 13, 2023
  • Communicate with external users such as vendors and other stakeholders
  • Updates can be made instantly and sent right to the work order
  • No FlowPath account needed to view information
  • Upload invoices instantly

A huge component of Facilities Management is having a great relationship with vendors and other external stakeholders. When work orders are being created, scheduled and managed, keeping everyone informed on the progress will maximize productivity. The reality is, vendors will likely be working on several projects at once. They need to balance keeping up with the work needed at your facility while simultaneously internalizing information from other clients. 

Having information in an organized, centralized location would undoubtedly be a great resource for managers and vendors alike as they oversee work order completion. As an added bonus, external stakeholders having access to the same system minimizes the possibility of mistakes and misunderstandings between parties.

With FlowPath, users are able to seamlessly communicate and share information with external users. Once a work order is created, a link can be created and shared with anyone who needs to monitor progress or make note of any important information. Vendors have the ability to make instant updates right to the work order so managers can oversee the process in real-time. Additionally, managers have the ability to upload vendor invoices directly into the platform which keeps all important information in a convenient location.

FlowPath allows its users to maximize their external communication and increase their work order organization. Read on to Phase 5 to learn more or reach out to info@getflowpath.com and set up a demo.

About FlowPath Facility Management Platform

The FlowPath platform allows small-team facility, operations, and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them. FlowPath is the answer to complicated, enterprise-level CMMS and FMS technologies that simply do not scale down to the needs of a majority of the workforce that operates not behind a desk.

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