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Finding the Best CMMS Software For Growth | FlowPath

May 22, 2024

Do you feel like your facility’s software is holding you back? Are hours being spent on menial tasks that could be streamlined or automated to give you time back for more important items on your to-do list?

As your facility continues to grow, you'll discover that what worked in the past isn't always quite as effective as it used to be. Paper work orders get lost in the shuffle, manually scheduled events don’t account for conflicts, and facility processes, in general, take more time than you can afford. This is especially true when it comes to your CMMS software. If you've outgrown your current system, it's time to consider an upgrade. Below, we've outlined some telltale signs that you're using outgrown business software and need to consider an improvement to your current systems.

Signs of Outgrown Business Software

  1. You spend a lot of time following a paper trail of data, oftentimes resulting in errors
  2. Different tasks require different maintenance software
  3. You often have to move data from one system to another, resulting in wasted time and potential errors
  4. You can't see updated business performance metrics in real-time
  5. A lot of backtracking and do-overs take place because processes were done wrong the first time
  6. Senior management is sometimes blindsided by unexpected losses in revenue and margins

If any of these points strike a chord, you should consider upgrading your CMMS software. But how can you make sure you choose the best facility management software? Continue reading to learn how an all-in-one CMMS platform like FlowPath can improve your business operations.

5 Benefits of Upgrading Your CMMS

By upgrading your business software, you can expect to see improvements across the board when it comes to your team’s efficiency.

1. Faster workflows for facility managers

An efficient CMMS makes it easier to enter, access, and track tasks and projects from anywhere—anytime. Our CMMS software offers easy scheduling functionality so that facility managers know exactly what needs to be done each day/week/month. A platform like FlowPath also makes it easier for teams to communicate, ensuring everyone can easily access the info they need to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

2. Easier training and onboarding 

Using an upgraded CMMS platform makes it easier to train your employees on different processes, which will ultimately save you time and money when onboarding new hires. Using multiple systems can be overwhelming for staff members who are still getting acclimated with the business. By choosing CMMS software that is designed specifically with facilities in mind, you'll make it easy for staff to do their jobs efficiently while reducing room for error at every step of the process.

3. Improved transparency with teams

By having access to the CMMS system, teams will be able to see what work has been completed and is scheduled for the near future. This helps everyone stay up-to-date on the progress of tasks and eliminates confusion about who is doing what and when it needs to be done.

4. Overall better service for the end-user

An efficient CMMS software can help reduce machine downtime and improve procedures, ultimately leading to a better experience for the employees using it. Maintenance tasks of all varieties—be it preventative, routine, or emergency—can be easily accomplished with the help of well-integrated CMMS software. Companies can then reclaim more time to get their other business functions in order—such as paying invoices in time. Overall, this will improve the functionality of your facility and staff as a whole.

5. Creating a multifunctional team 

A CMMS system like FlowPath brings together all aspects of business operation onto one platform. This allows different teams to easily and seamlessly pass things off and collaborate when necessary. An example could include utilizing a chat functionality within each work order to help centralize communication and record keeping for each unique item of work. A multifunctional team is well-equipped for success and company growth.

Facilities That Can Improve with a New CMMS

Schools are a perfect example of a facility that can benefit from upgrading its CMMS software. As school districts expand, schools need to be able to easily scale their processes in conjunction with the district’s growth. Adopting a CMMS like FlowPath can help by centralizing recordkeeping for tracking assets, automating and managing the status of work orders, scheduling maintenance tasks, enhancing budget optimizations, and streamlining communication—both between departments and between schools. Check out our podcast on best practices for educational facilities management. 

Office spaces stand to benefit from upgrading their CMMS software as well. Upgrading to a CMMS like FlowPath allows organizations to automate many time-consuming managerial tasks, such as maintenance and event scheduling. This gives facility managers and employees time back that can be used to focus on more big-picture tasks—those that are more significant for your business's bottom line. 

Facilities like hospitals, restaurants, and retailers can all benefit from upgrading their CMMS as well. If you’re still wondering how to determine the best facility management software for your organization, here are some more things to consider as you explore your options.

Upgrade Your Business with FlowPath

If you're using outgrown business software and your company is beginning to feel the growing pains from it, it's time for an upgrade. CMMS software is a critical part of any growing facility, and FlowPath is the all-in-one CMMS platform that can help your business thrive through optimization and automation. With FlowPath, you'll get faster workflows, improved transparency with teams, and better quality service for your end-users. 

FlowPath allows team members to automate work orders, maintenance, events, notifications, projects, and reporting in a single-view platform. Our goal is to make facilities management less complicated—because that’s the way it should be. Let us help you effortlessly get ahead of your facility’s work, making room for the big-picture planning that your boss wants you to do. 

In addition to our intuitive platform, we provide industry-leading customer support, including chat support, 50+ video tutorials, as well as data import and migration support.

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