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FlowPath Seed Round Fundraising Announcement

December 13, 2023

A mere two years ago, three friends identified a facilities management problem and realized that together, their areas of expertise could work to solve it. 

And with that, FlowPath was born. Fast forward to today; FlowPath has just closed on $1.2 million in seed funding from Parade Ventures, Bonfire Ventures, and Heroic Ventures. Shawn Merani, the founder and managing director of Parade, has now joined the FlowPath board to further support the company’s mission of using world-class software to modernize how the world maintains the built environment.

FlowPath is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software built for facility managers by those who have experienced how complicated the management of vendors, accounting, and maintenance can be. The inspiration for FlowPath came from a phone call shared between two of the company’s founders, Brandon Cummings and Griffin Hamilton.  Brandon received a call from Griffin back in 2019, voicing concerns he saw in the restaurant industry as a vendor himself. The two looped in Brandon’s brother, Alex Cummings, who had past experience using a CMMS software that attempted to ameliorate the types of work order management and asset management issues Griffin saw in his old role. 

Harnessing their collective expertise in servicing facilities, data science, AI, and business operations, Brandon, Alex, and Griffin created FlowPath. 

There are a few major setbacks with much of the existing CMMS software. They are largely complicated, outdated, and ineffective, which ends up causing more confusion than progress. FlowPath is revolutionizing the market in that its software allows facilities managers to standardize processes between clients and vendors, as well as make scalable procedures for their own teams, all in one place. 

FlowPath’s platform also makes it easy to track and manage work orders across multiple stages as it trades hands to be completed. Additionally, the automated reporting and Project Management Suite allows users to plan, execute, and track work until it is finished, boosting productivity by improving organization.

FlowPath is an ideal solution for every facility manager in both large and small companies. It was developed by individuals who had first-hand experience with the difficulties poor facilities management and outdated CMMS software can cause, which means FlowPath’s solution is built to address precise pains experienced by those in facilities management. 

In the words of investor and board member Shawn Merani, “What FlowPath has been able to accomplish validates the industry’s need for updated tools”. 

The best solutions are found in places where the need for improvement is not fabricated; in facilities management, there was no CMMS software truly addressing and fixing the management and organization issues FlowPath’s founders saw at their previous jobs. Inefficient facility management is a real problem, and FlowPath developed a real solution, keeping in mind the real people who would be using the technology. FlowPath is effective because the technology addresses its target problem, while remaining easy to use and easy to set up.

That’s why Merani is “thrilled to be on board to support Alex, Brandon, and Griffin in their journey to accelerate their go-to-market efforts and continue to solve this critical pain for customers.” With funding to grow and another mind on the team who believes in FlowPath’s… well… path, this seed money is truly just the beginning.

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