FlowPath: Our Story

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FlowPath: Our Story

Since it’s incorporation in January of 2020, FlowPath has grown exponentially as a full-service facilities management tool. The three founders, Griffin Hamiliton, Alex Cummings and Brandon Cummings have collective knowledge of servicing facilities, data science and AI, and business operations that make FlowPath the success it is today. For this blog, FlowPath's rockstar intern, Keisha, interviewed the founders to uncover the driving forces behind FlowPath.

How We All Met

Brandon: Griffin and I have known each other since kindergarten. We eventually became roommates in college and ended up moving to Atlanta around the same time. Around October of 2019, Griffin was in the midst of developing another company he started. One day, he called me up to speak about some issues he saw within the restaurant space. He noticed how disorganized people were and their vendor management systems were all over the place. We wanted to figure out if we could create something to help make that process easier within facilities management. From there, we decided to bring in Alex, my brother, who has experienced parallel challenges running operations at his previous role. Once we officially brought our expertise together, it pretty much snowballed from there.

Inspiration For The Creation of FlowPath

Alex: It was a mix of Griffin and my expertise at previous companies. Griffin had hands-on experience as a vendor to restaurants. As he worked to better service a restaurant’s needs, he started to brainstorm ideas on how to assist facilities operators and managers in having better internal communication. This includes communicating with vendors, accounting, and scheduling maintenance; pretty much the whole cycle of the work order management system. When I was at a previous company, we used an alternative CMMS software that simply wasn’t meeting the needs of the small teams that I managed. With the pain points I was experiencing combined with Griffin’s industry insight, we set out to create a product to meet single person and small team facility and operation needs in a work order management platform.

How FlowPath is Unique

Brandon: Our platform is built for the small team but can scale for large organizations. This puts our platform in a very unique position with most of our larger competitors that were built for enterprise, thinking high level instead of the person actually using the product on a daily basis. Our main focus is providing a platform that a facility manager uses daily. We want to make their lives easier and work smarter, not harder.

Griffin: What makes us stand out from our competitors is also our ability to scale and grow with our customers. We have the infrastructure to serve facilities with small teams while also having the capability to customize our services if you decide to grow or expand locations.

The Problems FlowPath Solves for the Facilities Management Industry

Alex: Simply put, FlowPath saves time and money by allowing single person and small team facility operations and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them.

We provide our customers with the ability to have a standardized process across their work order management system. They’ll be able to have accountability across all locations coupled with uniformity of your operational procedures. With the effective communication our software provides, we essentially eliminate the need for managers to use four to five different types of tools that may be used in numerous processes such as paper, phone, text and email.

What We’re Excited About for the Future of FlowPath

Brandon: We are in a very unique industry and position that is very similar to a marketing automation platform in a sense that we’re taking people out of spreadsheets and other disparate systems. We’re really looking forward to bringing more facilities managers into the digital realm and making their lives easier.

Alex: I’m excited about how needed our product is for customers! When we talk to clients that are moving away from paper-based systems or a really bloated enterprise system that just doesn’t work; they see FlowPath and realize that what we offer is exactly what they need.

Griffin: It seems like managers are trying to create their own processes and make sense of the countless amount of information they need to keep track of. For example, they’ll try to piece together spreadsheets or keep up with handwritten notes scattered all over their work area. Seeing that “aha” moment when facilities managers realize that all these processes are in one place, right in their pocket, is priceless.