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FlowPath CMMS Integration with Procore: Streamlining Facility Operations and Construction Management

Alex Cummings
July 10, 2024

FlowPath, a robust facilities maintenance management system, is designed to automate work orders and maintenance requests to meet your operational needs. With our integration to Procore, users can seamlessly import all Procore Project Documents directly into FlowPath Project Documents. This integration is a game-changer, as it helps streamline the project handover process and ensures that all relevant construction documentation is readily available for facility operations.

The benefits of having a CMMS that integrates with a construction management tool like Procore are substantial. Firstly, it ensures a smooth transition from construction to operation by providing immediate access to all necessary project documents. This includes everything from architectural drawings to equipment manuals, which are critical for ongoing maintenance and management. The integration eliminates the need for manual document transfer, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced information and ensuring that maintenance teams have the most up-to-date data at their fingertips.

The building turnover process is a crucial phase where the construction project is handed over to the facility management team. Having a seamless integration between FlowPath and Procore simplifies this process, ensuring that there is no information gap between the construction and operational phases. This integration guarantees that facility managers are well-informed about the building's infrastructure and can maintain it effectively from day one.

When choosing a CMMS, it’s essential to consider how well it integrates with other tools used during the building lifecycle. An integrated system like FlowPath ensures that your maintenance management is aligned with your construction management, providing a comprehensive solution for facility operations. Key considerations should include the ease of document transfer, the ability to access real-time data, and the support for proactive maintenance strategies.

In summary, the FlowPath and Procore integration offers a seamless connection between construction and facility management, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a well-documented building turnover process. This integration highlights the importance of choosing a CMMS that supports interoperability with other essential tools, ensuring that your facility operations are streamlined and well-coordinated from the start.

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