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FlowPath as a Problem Solver Part 2

December 13, 2023

FlowPath is the new command center for small-team commercial Facilities and Operations Managers. We’ve created elegantly designed, and intuitive technology that increases operational visibility, team productivity and your bottom line. Our platform provides solutions to common problems with existing software:

  1. FlowPath Provides Clean and Easy to Follow Work Order Management - The software was purposefully designed to be visually appealing and extremely user friendly. It mirrors the best project management tools while keeping single and small teams in mind.
  2. Seamless Integrations - FlowPath has been created to work across all of your current applications and devices. This includes text, Google Suite, email, Slack, QuickBooks and more!
  3. Pricing Flexibility - At FlowPath, we believe in paying for what you need and what you’ll actually use. You have the flexibility to start small and scale without excessive up-front costs.
  4. Vendor Database - If you already have a list of preferred vendors, you can easily integrate their information into the software. However, if you are in need of hiring a vendor, you’ll have access to our nation-wide vendor database with over 42,000 certified vendors.

At FlowPath, our goal is to assist single and small team commercial Facility and Operations Managers by providing a tool that fits their unique needs. We’re user friendly, customizable and cost effective. Click here to read more about how or reach out to info@getflowpath.com and set up a demo.

About FlowPath Facility Management Platform

The FlowPath platform allows single-person and small-team facility, operations and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them. FlowPath is the answer to complicated, enterprise-level CMMS and FMS technologies that simply do not scale down to the needs of a majority of the workforce that operates not behind a desk.

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