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How Dream Big Holdings Accelerated Their Operations

May 30, 2024

Dream Big Holdings, operators of 7 Zaxby’s franchise locations, needed a simple, effective work order management system to replace their paper-based operations.

Key Challenges

  • New Director of Operations, Kevin Pollock, found the incumbent paper-based system to be tedious and a hurdle in the growth plans of the organization.
  • Dream Big Holdings needed to improve visibility into communicating, planning, prioritizing, and fixing maintenance issues across their locations.
  • Dream Big Holdings also needed support for spend and inventory management, data analysis, and ultimately holding their GMs accountable in their roles.

“FlowPath is perfect for what we needed. The capture of the process from start to finish and real-time reporting is outstanding.” - Kevin Pollock, Director of Operations, Dream Big Holdings


Previously a VP of Operational Excellence at Alvarado Restaurant Group, an operator of over 200 YUM! brands locations, Kevin Pollock was brought on to Dream Big Holdings in October of 2019 to help rapidly scale their operations to facilitate their ambitious growth goals. 

The Solution

Joining a new organization has its inherent challenges, but from the get-go, Kevin recognized an immediate need for improving the Dream Big Holdings work order process.

“We were 100% paper-based and a lot of that was hand-written. Not only was tracking, reconciling, and prioritizing issues at our locations a slow and challenging process but also we often couldn’t read what the paper said,” Pollock explained.

This meant already limited time was lost following up with GMs for clarification of issues and made referring to hand-written previously completed work almost impossible. 

“We were looking for something that was very simple to track the work order process as we only have one technician now. We also wanted something capable enough that we could expand down the road as we grow,” Pollock explained.

Once onboarded to the FlowPath platform, Dream Big Holdings has seen drastic improvements in their operations.

“FlowPath is perfect for what we needed. The capture of the process from start to finish and real-time reporting is outstanding. You can sort work orders immediately to determine priority, we can follow the entire process from start to finish and have the historical context of our operation at our fingertips,” explained Pollock. “FlowPath allows us to track time being taken to repair problems, see what we are using most frequently for inventory, and compare costs across vendors and save money.”

The product hasn’t been the only exceptional experience for Kevin and his team, however.

“What I’ve been most impressed with is the FlowPath team. They are super attentive to our needs and our product requests, quickly responding within 24 hours,” he mentions. 

Key Takeaways

With FlowPath Facility Management Platform, Dream Big Holdings now has a streamlined work order management system that can scale at their pace, both functionally and practically. Decision and action periods have been reduced from days to minutes, data for strategic and cost-savings decisions is now easily accessible, and the exceptional support from the FlowPath team ensures they are on track to continue to succeed. 

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