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1000 School Lunches: FlowPath's Support in Erasing School Lunch Debt

Alex Cummings
December 19, 2023

1000 School Lunches: FlowPath's Support in Erasing School Lunch Debt

In the spirit of community service and heartfelt empathy during this holiday period, I am pleased to share a recent donation made by the team at FlowPath to As the CEO of FlowPath, a dedicated CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) provider with a large customer base of K-12 schools, it is both an honor and a duty to give back to the organizations we serve. This particular charitable donation will alleviate the school lunch debt of 1000 lunches for students in a public school district in our home state of Georgia.

Embracing's Noble Mission's mission struck a chord with us at FlowPath, as most of our team members have school-aged children. Ensuring that no child faces hunger due to unpaid lunch debt is a cause that resonates deeply with our values. At FlowPath, we don't just see ourselves as software providers; we consider ourselves partners in the success and well-being of the educational institutions we are privileged to work with. By supporting, we aimed to contribute meaningfully to the lives of students and the communities we are connected to.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

The decision to make a charitable donation stems from our belief in the importance of creating a positive impact beyond the realm of facilities management software. We recognize the shared responsibility we bear in fostering inclusive and nurturing environments for students. By addressing the issue of school lunch debt, we hope to empower students to focus on their education without the added burden of financial worries related to their meals.

Encouraging a Culture of Corporate Responsibility

As a Marine Officer and now the CEO of FlowPath, I believe in leading by example. Our commitment to charitable giving is not about recognition but about beginning and fostering a culture of corporate responsibility at FlowPath to leave this world a better place than we found it. We hope that our actions inspire others in our industry to consider how they too can contribute to the well-being of the organizations and communities they are a part of.

Thank You

FlowPath's recent donation to is a sincere reflection of our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of students and the communities we serve. As a humble servant to our mission, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers who continue to put their trust in FlowPath and have played an instrumental role in enabling us to support initiatives like these. As FlowPath continues on our wonderful journey to bring the best CMMS software to market, these donations will continue to grow and bring more impact along the way.


Co-Founder and CEO, FlowPath

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