Episode Summary

Abby Massey joins the show as this weeks guest to talk about tax incentives in Facilities Management.

Abby's journey from a Building Engineer to Director of Tax Incentives at Calvetti Ferguson provides a unique perspective on the transformative power of tax incentives in the world of facilities management.

Join us as Abby shares insights into two key incentives: Section 179D - Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction and Section 48 - Investment Tax Credit for Renewable Energy. Discover how these incentives can elevate sustainability efforts, slash operational costs, and boost overall efficiency for facilities managers.

Abby also reveals best practices tailored for facilities professionals and underscores the importance of expert guidance in navigating the intricate landscape of tax incentives.

If you have any questions, you can find Abby on LinkedIn, or reach out at amassey@calvettiferguson.com

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