Episode Summary

Shari Cedar, Owner and VP of AK Building Services, joins the show. Shari started her career in Entertainment, but found herself diving head first into the world of Facilities Management as she helped her husband run the business.

On this episode, Shari talks about the transformation of janitorial services from background roles to becoming integral, trusted partners in the post-COVID era.

As COVID-19 redefined our perceptions, Cedar discusses how the pandemic has elevated the appreciation for the cleaners - the unsung heroes ensuring the cleanliness and safety of our workplaces, schools, and hospitals.

Get a glimpse into the inner workings of AK Building Services, where a culture of pride and dedication is instilled among their staff. To exemplify this spirit, hear about an extraordinary employee, a lottery winner, who instead of quitting immediately, took it upon himself to train his replacement before stepping down.

Tune in to learn about the exciting journey of the janitorial sector in our changing world - where the resilience, dignity of labor, and commitment to service are celebrated and cherished.


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