#81 Dave Bishop: Work Order Rollout

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Episode Summary

On this episode, we welcome Dave Bishop, a seasoned #facilitiesmanagement professional with a unique background in law enforcement.Dave shares his fascinating journey from a law enforcement career to facilities management and discusses the various industries he has worked in, including Higher Education, K-12, and Hospitality.A key focus of the conversation is the deployment of #workordersystems. Dave dives into best practices for successful implementation, emphasizing the importance of thorough training and the role of internal power users as mentors to their colleagues. By providing guidance and support, these mentors can help ensure a smooth transition and improve overall efficiency.Finally, Dave addresses a common concern among technicians regarding work order systems as a form of surveillance. He dispels this notion, highlighting the value of these systems in streamlining processes, improving communication, and ultimately benefiting the technicians themselves.Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of work order management and learn from Dave's wealth of experience.

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