Episode Summary

On this episode, we're joined by Dan Clapper from Interplay Learning. We delve into how their technology is leveraging VR to revolutionize training in facilities management. Dan highlights the significance of ongoing and cross-training in enhancing workforce skills, especially in the context of the Great Resignation. This conversation sheds light on the future of facilities management and how embracing continuous learning can mitigate the impact of widespread workforce changes. Interplay Learning specializes in online and VR training for essential skilled trades, covering industries like HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Facilities Management, Safety, and Solar. Their innovative platform, SkillMill, offers immersive learning experiences on various devices or through virtual reality, revolutionizing training methods and significantly reducing the time it takes for employees to become job-ready. Tune in for a deep dive into the intersection of technology, training, and talent retention in facilities management.

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