Work Order Life Cycle Phase 5: Operational Insights and Reporting

Work Order Life Cycle Phase 5: Operational Insights and Reporting
  • Analyze your data, schedule reports in advance
  • Track and measure key performance indicators such as use of materials and equipment trends

A large part of Facilities Management not only involves overseeing everyday tasks such as work orders, inventory, and purchasing. Assets like physical buildings and equipment are significant investments for companies. With the significant costs often associated with such critical purchases, it’s very important to consistently evaluate what decisions make sense for the advancement of the organization.

As Facilities Managers, it’s essential to remain up to date on all important data in order to track overall progress. Instead of manually creating reports or spreadsheets, FlowPath provides users with a customizable and interactive dashboard filled with analytical information about your business.

FlowPath allows each account holder to easily view a snapshot of their data in one place. Individual graphs can be viewed containing a variety of information such as inventory cost, vendor cost, completed work orders, and more. Effortlessly monitor your company's Key Performance Indicators to make more informed decisions. With so many metrics available instantly, managers can more easily justify necessary actions or changes that would improve the team’s overall performance.

FlowPath provides its users with the opportunity to quickly evaluate performance, maximize team effectiveness and better manage expenses. Read on to Phase 6 to learn more or reach out to and set up a demo.

About FlowPath Facility Management Platform

The FlowPath platform allows small-team facility, operations and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them. FlowPath is the answer to complicated, enterprise-level CMMS and FMS technologies that simply do not scale down to the needs of a majority of the workforce that operates not behind a desk.

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