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Work Order Life Cycle Phase 2: Accountability and Communication

May 22, 2024
  • Eliminate miscommunication within your team and vendors
  • View your pending, scheduled, and completed work orders in one place
  • Individually assign work orders

Effective communication. It’s a concept that helps catapult us to success in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Making sure that everyone is well informed and on the same page encourages an environment of teamwork and productivity. While having work orders created is an important step, it’s essentially useless if nothing gets completed. Keeping track of the progress of multiple tasks can be extremely difficult without proper processes in place. How can you ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done while simultaneously overseeing the status of each work order?

FlowPath Facility Management Platform provides customers with the accountability they need to ensure that work orders are completed from beginning to end. Users can view their pending, scheduled, and completed work orders all on one convenient dashboard. When a task needs a status change, it can be adjusted in seconds with the user-friendly drag and drop system. Work orders can also be individually assigned to team members and vendors. With a simple, optimal amount of organization, managers can efficiently follow-up with the appropriate parties to maximize time, effort, and communication throughout the team.

FlowPath allows its users to simplify and take control of their internal processes. Read on to Phase 3 to learn more or reach out to info@getflowpath.com and set up a demo.

About FlowPath Facility Management Platform

The FlowPath platform allows small-team facility, operations, and property managers the freedom to manage their workflows within a system designed specifically for them. FlowPath is the answer to complicated, enterprise-level CMMS and FMS technologies that simply do not scale down to the needs of a majority of the workforce that operates not behind a desk.

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