Setting Users and Locations in FlowPath

Setting Users and Locations in FlowPath

This post is part of our initial series to help users understand how to use the various tools within the FlowPath platform, a facility operations software designed to simplify facilities project management. For a more holistic understanding of the FlowPath offering, check out our first blog post.

Over 14 million people work in the restaurant industry in America. Regardless of how many are at your location(s), within the FlowPath platform settings page, restaurant owners or facility managers can assign users to their organization accounts. Users are intended to be management-level staff that you want to have access to all the uses of the platform and you can add as many users as you want within your account. Because restaurant owners often operate more than one location, users can be assigned to any location you have created in your account. If they are not associated with a location, or you don’t want them to be, a user can be assigned to the “admin” status.

Also within the settings page is the option to create locations. By creating your locations you are able to uniquely associate work history, calendar events, equipment, etc within FlowPath to their respective locations. This is a simple but powerful tool to keep you organized and your mind at ease.

FlowPath wants to simplify the way facilities manage their operations and equipment so owners can focus on their operations. Sign up now for a free 2-week trial or reach out to us at for a quick demo and to talk to one of our team to see how the FlowPath platform can work for your facility.

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