Overcoming Scheduling Challenges with FlowPath

Overcoming Scheduling Challenges with FlowPath

This post is part of our initial series to help users understand how to use the various tools within the FlowPath platform, a facility operations software designed to simplify facilities project management. For a more holistic understanding of the FlowPath offering, check out our first blog post.

Scheduling routine or emergency work is tedious and time-consuming and often lacks transparency across a team. An owner calls and schedules a grease trap cleaning or plumber for one of their locations for a particular time and date and texts their location manager of this scheduled maintenance. After the work is completed a photo is taken by the manager of the work and texted back to the owner, where it stays in the phone, completely unconnected to the other information (invoice, location, equipment serviced, vendor info, etc) that took place with this transaction. Often times this information is just forgotten or accidentally deleted. Despite all of the software solutions available today, restaurant professionals still have no better solution to this problem.

After talking with dozens of facility managers, we learned that a scheduling tool that would allow managers to create single or repeating events that also seamlessly connect vendor work information, history, location, equipment and contact info all in one place, is needed to overcome shortcomings at any step in the existing process. There are numerous independent actions taking place in parallel in the example above that FlowPath simplifies and consolidates into an easy-to-use platform, so you don’t have to worry.

FlowPath wants to simplify the way restaurants manage their operations and equipment so owners can focus on their operations. Sign up now for a free 2-week trial or reach out to us at contact@getflowpath.com for a quick demo and to talk to one of our team to see how the FlowPath platform can work for your facility.

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