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Fixing Facility Project Management Issues with FlowPath

December 13, 2023

This post is part of our initial series to help users understand how to use the various tools within the FlowPath platform, a facility operations software designed to simplify facilities project management. For a more holistic understanding of the FlowPath offering, check out our first blog post.

Facility Project Management Challenges

When talking with facility owners, a large challenge they face when it comes to maintaining the physical space and equipment is finding reputable and consistent vendors to service their operation. Despite the numerous operations software options today, none help alleviate this problem. Once a good vendor is found, often owners keep these contacts in their phones, memory, on sticky notes, or reference invoices from that pile of papers on the floor in their offices - prone to be lost or misplaced and requiring the time to search and find the same or even another vendor. 

This system hugely lacks the context of the what, when, why and how this contact is or was needed. Was this the grease trap cleaner or the hood cleaner? Were they more or less expensive than what my friend is telling me they pay at their facility? Did they replace a part that is broken again? Is it covered under warranty? For most facility owners we talk to, this information is kept in their head, is easily confused, and never readily available for their staff to reference, resulting in lost time, confusion, and possibly missed work.

Facility Project Management Bottom Line

FlowPath recognizes how important communication and historical information with vendors is to a facility manager - so much so, that we made it the home page to our platform. This page is for organizing your vendors in one place that can be categorized and organized to your liking. After creating a vendor tab, you can expand it to quickly see contact information, work history, invoice history, and any notes you enter.

FlowPath wants to simplify the way facilities manage their operations and equipment so owners can focus on their operations. Sign up now for a free 2-week trial or reach out to us at contact@getflowpath.com for a quick demo and to talk to one of our team to see how the FlowPath platform can work for your facility.

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