Financial Insights with FlowPath

Financial Insights with FlowPath

This post is part of our initial series to help users understand how to use the various tools within the FlowPath platform, a facility operations software designed to simplify facilities project management. For a more holistic understanding of the FlowPath offering, check out our first blog post.

In any operation, reporting and metrics guide the business forward. Prime costs, spoilage rates, monetization of menu items and others provide facility owners and managers indicators of business health and, over time, progress or decline. There are many operations software focusing on these issues, but what about physical operations?  FlowPath has found this area to be uniquely overlooked in the operations management toolkit and has developed a solution to give facility owners and managers valuable insights into their physical assets.

The FlowPath reports page can help you keep track of all work history between you and a vendor while giving you breakdowns of past and expected or known future costs. With easy to use filters you can search for breakdowns based on vendor, category, or location to drill into your expenses in ways Quickbooks or your stack of paper invoices can’t. Manage equipment maintenance, purchase, and repair smarter with our reports tab. 

FlowPath wants to simplify the way facilities manage their operations and equipment so owners can focus on their operations. Sign up now for a free 2-week trial or reach out to us at for a quick demo and to talk to one of our team to see how the FlowPath platform can work for your facility.

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