#69 Marc Gravely: Legal Vulnerabilities in FM

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Episode Summary

Marc is an award-winning construction defects attorney and infrastructure law expert focused on helping governmental and private property owners hold contractors and their insurers accountable when things go awry on high value projects. He has represented high-profile business organizations including Texas Hospital Association, Texas Apartment Association, and Texas Hotel & Lodging Association.Marc is also author of the bestselling book Reframing America's Infrastructure: A Ruins to Renaissance Playbook, which exposes the chilling consequences that come from a lack of #maintenance on America's #buildings.On this episode, Marc covers:Understanding your insurance policies and finding the best coverageHow to spot unfair advantages your insurance company may be trying to hideThe true cost of delayed maintenance and making the case for proper investment in problem areasTips for conducting construction quality audits Common construction defects that every facilities management team should be on the look out forHow to know if you have a legal case against insurers, contractors, or another party, when things go wrong in your facility

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