Get to Know the Team Behind FlowPath: Ben Charity, Director of Engineering

Get to Know the Team Behind FlowPath: Ben Charity, Director of Engineering

Our team is excited to celebrate Ben Charity, FlowPath’s Director of Engineering, as he hits his one-year milestone!  

Ben is focused on building highly scalable systems for FlowPath’s web and mobile platforms. Over the past year, he has made some impressive improvements while building entirely new features. These improvements have led to a more cohesive user experience and improved business outcomes for our customers. 

An engineer must be analytical, detail-oriented, and curious. It also helps to have a cute pup and coding buddy:  

Ben’s dog and Atlanta United fan, Rizzo


During your time with FlowPath, what are you most proud of?  

By far, the speed and confidence we can deploy code to production. This compounding effect exponentially improves how fast new features can get into the hands of our customers. 

Check out this review and others from our amazing customers on Capterra.

Favorite thing about the tech industry? 

The speed at which things move is one of the tech industry’s best – yet most demanding – qualities. It can be difficult to keep up with new solutions and even newer problems, but that challenge is also very motivating.

If you could only have three apps on your phone, what would they be? 

I had a tough time narrowing this down to three, but I would have to choose: Hey for email, Notion for work/personal management, and Spotify for music & podcasts. (Honorary mentions: 1Password, Paste, Hyperweb, Timepage, Audible, and Blinkist)

FlowPath Engineering Highlights: 

  • 183 deploys to production since February 8th, 2022 (more than 1 per business day) 
  • 92% decrease in time to production 
  • -191,722 net lines of code added
  • 880% speed increase in app load time

UX and Style Update Spotlight:

FlowPath Reporting Suite, Before & After 

The Reporting Revamp launched in August 2022.

Stay tuned for more major platform updates from Ben and the FlowPath engineering team! 

As we continue to grow, engineering and software development will remain key focus areas. Want to be part of this exciting journey? Drop us a note!

About FlowPath

Founded in 2019, FlowPath is a facilities management software that automates work orders, maintenance, communication, notifications, projects, and reporting in a simple-to-use platform that can be leveraged across industries. FlowPath was named a Gartner top Facility Management Software for 2022. To learn more, visit

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